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I made the remark to my husband the other day how working so much – while a good thing for our family – is sometimes a hard time for me. That sounds dumb. I guess what I’m trying to say – somehow – is that all of the hours that are so regimented – have seemingly robbed me of time when my hands are given the freedom to…. well… create.

I feel like my creativity gets stifled some, you know?

It’s not gone away.

If anything – it’s more like it’s been bottled up.

There so many things I’d like to put my hand to – to learn to do.

There are so many things that I’ve got made in my mind – I just don’t have time to put them together.

It’s a little frustrating, to be honest.

So – when I am contacted by someone who would like to commission a piece or two for me to make – I gladly agree.

It’s a wonderful excuse to set aside time to fashion something beautiful.

I love that!

So thanks to the lovely lady who asked for this:


Freshwater pearls…

Swarovski crystals… to name a few.

Gosh, that was fun!