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If there’s anything I learn from being a vendor at different venues with my YKMT jewelry, it’s that there’s a certain level of fear on the part of the purchaser.

About what?

What could be intimidating or fear-inducing in purchasing a piece of jewelry?


That’s what.

As someone who used to have a hard time fitting into a size 6X clothing, believe me, I get it!

But you know what?

We’re each uniquely and individually made. Created. Beautiful. Amazing. Truly wonderful.

And that’s why I really believe in custom jewelry.

Jewelry that is made to fit YOU – no matter what size you wear, how big your fingers, how tiny your wrists are, or how sensitive to the weight of a piece of jewelry you are.

We can make a piece that works just right for you.

The pieces that I have displayed on my Etsy store come in a wide range of sizes. If you see something that you like but it’s too big? Message me and ask for it in YOUR size. Want something a bit roomier? Message me and tell me what the right size for you is. That’s what YKMT is all about! I’m here to make it work out for YOU.

Case in point:

The Montana Blues Bracelet is on the top and measures at just about 8.25″ in length.

Compare that to the Montana Blues Bangle on the bottom – it measures 6.75″ in length.

Either of these styles would be a breeze to make for YOU in just YOUR size. All you have to do is let me know!

As you can see from this picture:

…this style of bracelet can be made in varying widths, as well. You want something a little lower profile? I can do that. You just have to say so! J

And now – just so you know how – let me tell you how to find out what YOUR size is.

Grab your tape measure – or if you don’t have one, a piece of string. Wrap the measure around your wrist at the point that feels most comfortable to you. Some people like to wear bracelets a little snug, others like them loose. Take note of the length that feels best to you. That’s the size that fits YOU.

Isn’t custom jewelry wonderful?